Empire Season 2 Episode 3 Review- ‘Fires of Heaven’

Lucious Lyon is back!!!!!!!

I have never been more excited to see a man bailed out of jail. Lucious Lyon is back with a vengeance and anyone can feel his wrath. I mean, this guy actually believes he’s a god.

‘Fires of Heaven’ was the strongest episode of the season in my opinion. Maybe it’s the fact that we were able to witness more of the interaction between Cookie and Lucious.

Sidebar: Cookie literally taking the food off Lucious’ table was epic.

The war between the Empire and the Lyon Dynasty is definitely on. While Cookie was able to get some jabs in by crashing Lucious’ welcome home party, this round went to Empire. Lucious thwarted any opportunity the Lyon Dynasty had to gain the upper hand. Lucious now controls the urban radio stations, he destroyed Hakeem’s little Destiny’s Child project by signing Valentina, and he prevented Jamal from even attempting to reunite with Cookie. The odds are not in Cookie’s favour but I am sure she’ll come back swinging in the next round.

Poor Andre. Silly ol’ me thought that on hearing that he will be a grandfather (for real this time), Lucious would have warmed up to Andre. Nope!!! Lucious will not budge. He, of all people, was disappointed that Andre used his unborn child as a pawn. Andre’s bipolar disorder is too much of a hurdle for Lucious to overcome. This Kelly Rowland flashback pretty much confirmed that Lucious’ mother did in fact suffer from bipolar disorder as well. I don’t know why Lucious doesn’t just explain that to Andre.

Finally, Vernon was mentioned!!! He’s supposed to be the key witness in Lucious Lyon’s murder trial. I do believe this means trouble for Andre and Rhonda as prosecutor Ford will be digging. I mean, Andre’s is obviously the sad story of the season so things can definitely get worse.

It would be interesting to see the how long the Empire vs Dynasty battle will continue. I do miss the relationship between Cookie and Jamal and somehow I wish that he will find his way back to the character I loved last season.

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