Annoying Things People Do on Social Media

Social media has given everyone a voice. One the positive side, it connects people globally and allows for the sharing of ideas, news, and opinions. I love searching Twitter to see if anyone else shares my views on anything from sports to current affairs. However, like every other aspect of life people find a way to annoy the hell out of others. These, in my view, are the most sickening things that people do on social networking sites.

1. Sharing your entire life on Facebook then complaining about people minding your business- Really though???? How does that begin to make sense?

2. Referencing ‘haters’– If there is one word that should be deleted from life it’s ‘hater’. In social media once your opinion goes against groupthink, you’re a ‘hater’ apparently. While people can be quite negative on social networking sites, hateful comments are mainly directed towards celebrities. When these regular folks talk about haters, I wonder what exactly is there to ‘hate’ on.

3. Thirst Trapping– Could there ever be a louder cry for attention? Sure, you just happen to be showing off your new haircut while sitting on your bed in underwear.

4. Eternally toting feelings– Enough with the overly dramatic and emotional memes. We get the point! Do you not realise that most people genuinely don’t care though? Pick up the phone and call someone if you want but constantly looking for sympathy on social media is not a good look.

5. Humble-bragging– Sharing good news on social networks is one thing but feigning humility when you’re really trying to brag is over-the-top annoying.

6. Fake Activism– Will the real activists please stand up? Instead of sharing meaningless posts that change nothing, how about actually trying to make a difference if you’re so inclined. By the way, what ever happened to #StopKony ?

7. Over-zealous grammar Nazism– Correcting people’s grammar on a thread is insulting. If you’re so concerned about their poor grammar maybe a private message is more appropriate.

8. Flooding Instagram with dozens of pictures from your night out- Please ease us up!!!

9. Constantly boasting about your job– Congratulations on being employed like millions of other people. Do you want a cookie now?

10. Believing fake news– or worse, overreacting about satirical articles. I’ve seen ‘educated’ people falling for this for way too long. Please verify the source of your ‘news’.



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