Review- Sacha Cosmetics Intense Matte Lip Velvet

The liquid lipstick craze has taken over the makeup world for quite a while. Every popular brand has released a matte liquid lipstick collection. Stila has them, Lime Crime, Kat Von D, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Jeffree Star Cosmetics all have highly rated matte liquid lipstick lines. More affordable brands such as Maybelline New York and Revlon have also jumped on the liquid lipstick bandwagon. Perhaps, Kylie Jenner has best capitalised on this craze with her Lip Kits.

To be honest, I have never been tempted to purchase any liquid lipstick. I love how they look in pictures but I was never really drawn to them. I was contented with the lipsticks I already owned. I even resisted last year’s Colorpop bombardment. However, when Sacha Cosmetics (a Trinidadian makeup and cosmetics company) launched its Intense Matte Lip Velvet liquid lipsticks I finally gave in.

Sacha released 16 shades in their Intense Matte Lip Velvet collection.

sacha lipsticks all 16

Sacha Cosmetics Intense Matte Lip Velvet

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The product is described on Sacha’s Facebook page as “NEW velvety, long-wear, transfer-resistant, matte liquid lipsticks”.

Of the 16 available colours, I bought 5- Give It To Me, Partner In Crime, Pass The Money, I’m In The Nude, and You Only Live Once. I’ll share my views on each shade and then give my overall impression of this liquid lipstick line by Sacha Cosmetics.

Give It To Me

This is a very beige nude colour. It has a very creamy consistency. I didn’t really like the shade against my skin tone but a chocolate brown liner easily solved that issue. This lipstick felt very light on my lips and did not crack or peel throughout the day. It is very opaque so one layer is all you need to to get the full colour payoff.

Give It To Me

Partner In Crime

I absolutely love this chocolate brown colour against my skin. This shade also applies smoothly and is very comfortable to wear throughout the day. I really love how this one looks and feels as well. I can fully understand the name ‘lip velvet’ when wearing Partner In Crime. I love it!!!

Partner In Crime

Pass The Money

I was obsessed with this shade…until I had to apply it. It isn’t as creamy as Partner In Crime so application was a bit difficult- one layer was too transparent, but two layers flaked. I figured that I had to use a liner on my entire lip then apply one layer. This one also transferred a lot so I definitely had to set it with a light dusting of translucent powder.

Pass The Money

I’m In The Nude

This is my absolute favourite lipstick right now. I am obsessed with this colour- a liner is not even needed. It wears the same as Partner In Crime– smooth, creamy, opaque, and extremely comfortable. I can’t find any negative about this shade. I just love it!!!

I'm In The Nude

You Only Live Once

I was the most disappointed with this shade. The colour looks amazing in the package. However, the product has a very watery consistency that makes the application quite patchy. You really have to use multiple layers to get the true colour payoff. However, as you layer the lipstick it becomes prone to flaking. I haven’t quite figured out how to make this one work as yet.

You Only Live Once

While these liquid lipsticks do dry matte, they are not completely transfer-proof. I do reapply if I eat anything oily only because it fades on the inside of your lips. I don’t have an issue with that though. You can set it with translucent powder to boost the longevity but the product is already quite long-wearing.

Overall, I applaud Sacha Cosmetics for venturing into the world of liquid lipsticks. I just wished each shade had the same formula. If You Only Live Once and Pass The Money had the same consistency as I’m In The Nude my collection would have been perfect.

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  • Terri C says:

    Thanks for this review Christa. It was really helpful. Would be great to see lip swatches as well

  • chris.l says:

    Thanks for the feedback Terri. I’ll do lip swatches on Instagram soon.

  • Belinda says:

    Im in the nude is the best shade. I tried give it to me. It seems like mud on my lips. Hello boys is great as well.

    • chris.l says:

      I just love ‘I’m in the Nude’. ‘Give it to Me’ is great when mixed with ‘Partner in Crime’ or with a dark brown liner. I still have to try ‘Hello Boys’.

  • Sheena says:

    I hav 14 shades – not all are the same consistency in thickness- for eg. Rev it up I really like but it does not hav the same texture as hello boys or psss the money

    • chris.l says:

      I bought ‘Rev It Up’ recently. It’s a gorgeous shade but I wished the formula was better. My ‘Pass the Money’ flakes too much.

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